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270 Transport Squadron RLC(V)

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270 Transport Squadron is a DROPS Squadron. Refered to within 160 Tpt Regt RLC(V) as penal Sqaudron for a former OC's (The Grim Reaper) love of beasting his Squadron. 270 Tpt Sqn was formally part of 164 Tpt Regt RLC(V) until the Regiments disbandment in 1999 due to SDR. In its former role the Squadron was an Engineer Support Squadron. The former 270/164 rumour of destruction of 8 tonne tippers is 100 % accurate but in mitigation of our actions it was assisted by a TA RE plant Sqn who thought that rocks the size of small houses could fit into the body of a tipper...DERR ! 270 now has the Sqn Battlecry of "Simply the best" which tends to antagonise the rest of 160 Regt but keeps the Sqn die-hards giggling like kids every time it is delivered.