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Website: [ 49 Para]
Website: [ 49 Para]
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[[Category:Fictional Units]]
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[[category: Culture]]

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One of, if not THE, most unlikely of units in the annals of the British Army. Most definitely not to be confused with HM's 49th Regiment of Foot. Based at Maiwand Barracks at Walton-on-the-Naze, this unit has already achieved legendary status within certain circles. Crack on, and be amazed!

ultimate_force_d.jpg 49.jpg

Regimental Motto: Vous ne m'êtes pas vus. Droite?

Quick March: My Ol' Man's a Dustman

Slow March: La Marche des Imposteurs

Anniversaries: Torremolinos day - 29th February

Regimental History: That Pigs Might Fly

Regimental Journal: Flying Pig

Colonel-in-Chief: Billy Connoly

Regimental Association Secretary: Sir John Walters PVR* Retd.

Press Liaison Officer: Foreman Artificer Conductor of Horse (Retd.) Buckfast Felize PVR

Former Serving Members of Note:

The ARRSE thread: What is 49 Para?

Website: 49 Para