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531 Ammunition Technical Support Sqn,

Does what it says on the tin really!

The squadron provides technically trained soldiers, either Ammunition Technicians (Ex Regular),or Ammunition Specialists (Volunteer) to man Close Support Ammunition Detachments (CSAD) or Ammunition Technical Support Groups (ATSG)for either deployed operations or backfilling UK Installations.

The squadron has nothing to do with the Supply of Ammuniton - we leave that to the box stackers. What we do is inspect, repair and dispose of ammunition. As you can imagine, this is highly technical and takes a fair bit of training. Ammo Specs (AS) start technical training after completion of basic training and would be expected to attend the Class III AS course at the School of Ammunition 12 - 18 months after coming to the squadron. Promotion to LCpl follows successful completion of the course. After a couple of years experience, you would then go on the Class 2 course, get your "Flaming Bomb & V" badge, and get promoted again. Progress to Class 1 depends on what you do next, OP tours are encouraged, and there are other courses that you need to go on such as HAZMAT.

The Squadron had provided a steady stream of individuals to both Op TELIC and Op HERRICK, and regularly deploys teams to Canada, Cyprus and Falkland Islands for specific tasks.

Unsurprisingly, probably one of the most technically demanding units in the TA. However if you can hack it, many opportunities for blowing up random sh*t.


Always on the lookout for likely lads and lasses with the subtle blend of bitter and twistedness that characterises true ammo folk..

Ex ATs as well.. :)

Myth Buster:

1. Yes, you can join the squadron directly.

2. No, you don't have to have been a regular AT.

3. Yes, we use real bullets.

4. No, you don't have to have a PhD in metallurgy and organic chemistry (but it helps!).

Transferring in from another Sqn:

As far as the trade (phase two) training goes the official flow chart for it is as follows:

  • Have approval & Recommendation of current CO/OC to transfer.
  • Complete a Pre AS Class 3 training package consisting of 3 weekends run by unit.
  • Complete AS Class 3, 15 day package at the Army School of Ammunition at Kineton.