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AF G1033

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Army Form G1033

Commonly referred to as the "1033", this is the issue/receipt form that allows someone who owns a piece of equipment, to keep track of who they lent it to.

Vitally important that the lender keeps their copy, otherwise they're stuffed come the next stock check. After all, why would the borrower hand the shiny piece of kit back voluntarily? Vitally important that the borrower keeps their copy, or has the sense to write "Last Item" on the first free line of the form, and a big line through all of the remaining space. Otherwise they will find that someone from the QM's store has added "lost" things afterwards. Vitally important that when the borrower hands back the borrowed item, they destroy the lender's copy. Or they'll be blamed, three months down the line, when that item gets "lost", and the lender has a copy that says "no, you've got it".