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AOSB tips

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  • It's a job interview so dress appropriately to create the right impression. Broadly speaking, this means suit or jacket and tie for male candidates, equivalent for women. Make sure you are clean and presentable, and males should shave every day.
  • Be on time. If you get held up, or get injured before the board, call the AOSB Board Office and let them know ASAP.
  • The Board NCOs are there to help you, so don't fuck them around. They're good guys with a lot of experience and it's their job to make the whole Board run smoothly.
  • Be yourself, don't put on airs and graces, and don't pretend you're some kind of chav if you're not.
  • Be honest throughout.
  • The groups that work best together produce the most passes: be helpful, co-operative and don't try to ratfuck each other.

Phys Prep

  • You need to meet the basic physical standards appropriate to your age and gender so begin your preparation in good time. You'll be tested on the MSFT, press-ups and sit-ups, so practice those but don't forget to practice climbing, jumping and hurdling for the individual obstacle course, which is just as important as the PFA tests.

Current Affairs

  • Read a decent newspaper (Times, Guardian or FT - The Independent, The Torygraph, the Mail, Sun, Mirror etc aren't even worthwhile bumwipe these days); get some depth from The Economist, the Spectator, the New Statesman, Standpoint, the New Yorker. Watch or listen to BBC News (I used to recommend Al Jazeera and but, really, they are fucking awful propagandist fake news so why bother?). Make sure you know what's going on and have an opinion.
  • Give your max effort on the individual assault course.
  • Don't let yourself be intimidated in the planning exercise debriefing (and don't start crying)
  • Prepare, read a paper (not The Sun), learn something about the Army, do some PT.
  • Form your own opinions on issues you read about, it's no use knowing that council tax is in the news if you can't give your views on it.
  • Learn some clean jokes, I only managed to remember one and it was pap, but fortunately I never got asked.
  • Think about:
    • Where you might go on holiday with your syndicate
    • Who your hero is
    • What you would spend a fiver on
  • Alternatively, learn to think on your feet, a far safer option as the DS have more imagination than me (or a longer list).
  • Go to the same school as the President. At the end of the group race on the last day I was called out by El Presidente who asked me 'Why the Old School isn't sending so many chaps these days...' It worked for me!
  • Under no circumstances lie to make you dull life sound interesting. One lad on my AOSB found that one out the hard way.
  • If you do lie and get caught then do not argue or even have a standing row with the interviewing officer (the aforementioned lad on my AOSB lost that particular argument)