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Army Officer Selection Board

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Army Officer Selection Board.

The successor to the Regular Commissions Board or RCB and its TA equivalents. Based at Leighton House, near Westbury in Wiltshire.

'Appen that when I were a lad, preparation for RCB consisted of reading The Daily Telegraph for a week or two, going for a couple of runs and getting a decent haircut; then turning up at Westbury and going with the flow. That's all changed now, and an astonishing 76.8% of all traffic on Arrse consists of anxious AOSB candidates enquiring about how much they need to bribe the DS, and what sort of haircut they should have. My how times have changed!

Actually, the old way is the best. AOSB is really a test of who you are and what your potential could be, and the DS are likely to see through the over-prepared candidate fairly quickly. If you can think clearly, act decisively and lead intelligently, this will shine through over the course of AOSB and you will have earned your ticket to RMAS.

The AOSB is in two parts:

The Briefing

AOSB Briefs run throughout the year on weekdays or weekends. Depending on which you attend you will either start on a Monday and finish on a Tuesday or start on a Saturday and finish at Sunday lunchtime. As the name indicates the aim is to brief candidates on the Army, the AOSB process in general and to conduct tests on a candidate's aptitude.

Day One

Welcome Address

Introductory Talk

Opening Discussion

Mental Aptitude Profile Tests (Verbal/Numerical/Abstract Reasoning)

Planning Exercise Tutorial

Day Two

Practical Techniques Lessons

Physical Tests (MSFT - bleep test and short obstacle test)

At the end of this short assessment the candidate will be awarded a category.

  • Cat 1 - Proceed to Main board when ready
  • Cat 2 - Suffixed with a 3/6/12/18/24 month period; proceed to Main Board after this period has elapsed. A Cat 2:x is usually down to fitness issues or age/inexperience.
  • Cat 3 - The board doesn't think you will pass Main Board, but you allowed to attend if you wish to prove them wrong.
  • Cat 4 - The board believes you are unsuitable for officer training - you will not be permitted to continue with your application.

Which brings us to the...

Main Board

Having passed the briefing stage the applicant moves to the Main board, which takes place over three days for a weekend Main Board or over four days for a weekday Main Board. After arriving the candidates become mere numbers and colours, designated by the bibs they are given.

Candidates will undergo most of the same tests that they experienced during the Briefing phase. However there are some more things to do.

  • Lead command tasks
  • More interviews
  • Current affairs tests
  • A five minute lecturette on a given subject.

At the end of the Main Board there is a formal dinner in the Candidate's mess, this is the first time (apparently) the candidates aren't under supervision and are allowed to let themselves relax. Classic stories abound of indiscretions committed on the dinner night. e.g. lass found being Spit-Roasted on the pool table in the mess bar and episodes of what, at the time, appeared to be heroic drinking.

Some tips on passing the main board can be found here AOSB tips.

In summary, the AOSB needs to be taken seriously and prepared for adequately. However, you will not succeed in pretending to be something you are not for the duration of the assessment, so don't bother trying. If you have the qualities that they are looking for and you are mentally and physically fit and prepared, you will pass.