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The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), is an Executive Agency of the Home Office, which conducts criminal record checks on potential employees on behalf of organizations and recruiters throughout England and Wales.

Based in Liverpool the CRB was launched with great fanfare in 2002 following concerns about the safety of liddle children, young people and vulnerable adults following several high profile stories of nutters and paedophiles being employed in jobs that they really ought not to have been within a mile of.

The excuse was that the police did not have 'adequate capability or resources' to process the large number of criminal record checks requested, and because of this the axe murderers, kiddie fiddlers and serial killers all slipped through the net and ended up working as Social Workers.

Clearly this wasn't on, so a dedicated agency was set up to sort the wheat from the chaff. All very nice. Except that all it's managed to have achieved is to make the (one would have thought) relatively easy process of applying for a job - make that ANY job - a long, complicated and laborious process.

Of consequence, those with no previous convictions are made to jump through hoops to justify their application, and the serial-killing brain donors still end up working in the NHS and with mongs and liddle children.

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