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A massive misconception with todays young soldiers.

We do Warfare not Welfare, no room for individuals who need 3 days off a week to take the goldfish to the vet or need a week off becuase the wind blew down your fence blah blah blah.

Welfare is the ultimate in get out clauses, it can get you out everything apart from the electric chair.

Usually the kids that have failed to succeed in a £300 a month benefit scam turn their attention to the Armed Forces. It is no fluke that most of todays recruits get through by default becuase the goal posts are changed constantly on the grounds of Welfare...

soldier X could not complete the exercise/forced march/BPFA/brush teeth becuase there was a background problem with their distant cousins labrador which had give still birth to 2 out of 300 puppies....

Having got through the toughest training in the world said soldier now faces work in the field and duties. All is ok becuase said soldier has got the mobile number for the welfare officer, " I dont feel like I can face anyone today I have so much oppressed anger with society and Im sure I will challenge the Badge to a bare knuckle fight ala Star Trek stylee so can I get off my duties? oh yes I know its a bank holiday but my empathy for dying tribes of Africa is amplified becuase of what I saw on Channel 4 last night yadda yadda yadda..."

The worst thing about welfare is the people who run welfare, who kind of see this as a career! They suddenly forget reality and say things like "now hold on Sergeant Major that soldier was stood in the rain for at least 10 minutes, and it was windy! but the irony is the Welfare Officer is usually an ex guards RSM who used to frag the chaps on the square day in day out, oh how things change!

However despite this holding hands approach the Army rolls on, the soldiers who typically use or should that be abuse the welfare system are often identified pretty quickly as they often never do duties, do massive fuck ups that are brushed under the carpet and generally jack on the lads at every opportunity (and they are not even Royal Signals!!) So they become secluded, not part of the crowd and suddenly need WELFARE (becuase now they are bullied!)but by then now one gives a shit and as they are a leecher!

In the Army if things go wrong, your mates will stand by you (unless your naked and fighting with roll matts on your arms), if you are up shit creek they will stand by you, but abuse thier love becuase your too special to do the hard stuff and you will be found wanting, your only friend will be the Welfare Officer.

remember the addage, "Got an Issue? Then grab a tissue", meet the problem with friends work around it, overcome and carry on...