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Great big fuck off heavy thing, used by members of the RAC to squash infantrymen and brew tea. Not used very often, hence the expression 'Tanks for the memory'.

Apparently the CR2 is enemy squaddy proof (since we don’t seem to lose any to enemy action) although is patently not friendly squaddy proof (ie spam friendly fire) Now considered optional equipment with tank regiments on deployment to the sandpit due to overstretch of the infantry.

The Challenger 2 is the most heavily protected tank in NATO and thus the world. Unlike the sceptic’s in their Abram's tanks that combust after an RPG-7 hit, the Challenger 2 is the only tank to survive a direct hit from an ATGM and in the same incident several RPG hits.

The Challenger 2 is the last main battle tank in the British Armed Forces due to the British invention of electrically charged armour by The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Developers of the Future Rapid Effect System series of armoured vehicles are considering this technology) and to heal the logistics problem that is now plaguing modern armies by adopting smaller, more transportable vehicles.

It is unknown whether the MOD will keep a reserve force of MBT's when the Challenger 2 is obsolete in-case the world goes tits up.