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Chinese Fighting Jacket

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Also known as the (Chairman) 'Mao suit' or Mao Tse Tung. An early and somewhat strange attempt at the layering system produced the CFJ and an equally natty set of trousers which made up the natty ensemble known as the Chinese Fighting Suit.

Green, nylon, with no neck, four big, round, buttons and a very thin, but obvious square padded battern. Made from the same material as the combat jacket and parka liners, the CFJ was meant to be worn along with the Arctic windproof smock and looked like a very very thin horsy-chick stable jacket.

CFJs have little insulation value, are large when folded up, make you sweat and are stiff and uncomfortable. Beyond initial training a CFJ has never made it out of the box in the loft, nevermind on to exercise or ops.