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Close Observation Platoon

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Close Observation Platoon or COP, Are specially selected and trained men from within a regular Infantry Battalion Generally hated throughout battalion for having outrageous haircuts and sidey's that would make any RSM Cringe!

Traditionally trained at Lydd in Dover, you get to spend a lot of time playing with technical kit, pooing in small bags, and getting caught by the DS fast asleep on another shitty night-standing OP.

The highlight of the training is when you get to infiltrate several public locations in Dover completely off-radar, and spend a week watching a target point for that ten second exposure.

Finest hour was in 2007 when one lad snuck out for a fag and got locked out, two lads abandoned post and went for a fish supper (with pistols down back of trousers) and another lad took over 200 pictures of a dirty sat in the train station, getting high quality upskirt shots of her, before smashing one out mere feet from the heads of his sleeping team members.