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! colspan=2 bgcolor=green | <font color=white>Wazappenin blood! </font>
! colspan=2 bgcolor=green | <font color=white>Wazappenin blud! </font>

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Wazappenin blud!

A Cockney is the annoying little denizen of the east end of London, it also covers the irritating dialect they use and the detestable rhyming slang they have invented.

A "true" cockney is someone born within earshot of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow church (Bow Bells) which is in the City of London and not at Bromley-By-Bow further east.

However since the advent of Eastenders it tends be used by 90% of the population north of Dover and south of Peterborough though this is more correctly referred to as Mockney.

It is the preferred manner of speech for all Wideboys and Chavs.