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Being a Commando, normally refers to the Royal Marines, although the All Arms Commando Course is avaliable to all branches of the Armed Forces.

See Also

  • Combined Operations Headquaters

But can also refer to one of three things:

  • 'Going Commando' means not wearing any underwear, as is much in evidence during the annual Royal Marines Roll-mat Fighting Championships.
  • The Dutch settlers in South Africa during the Boer War were also known as Commandos.
  • The cheesy 1985 movie Commando was a startlingly homo-erotic lurve fest starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vernon Wells, an Aussie bloke with a beer-gut and a diaphanous chain-mail vest [Looked more like a string vest to me - chain mail's not like that!], through which RTFQ could eat an apple!

Apparently there is a connection.