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Community (n). Proper definition: a group of people with common interests - not like stamp collectors, more like a streetful of people who all benefit if it's kept nice and clean

Community (n). (pr.) Kommuni-i More usual definition: a group of people who may or may not have any common interests at all, when they're referred to by a far smaller people group of people with a chip on their shoulder who claim to speak for them e.g. Gay community, Muslim community, Gay Muslim community etc. From the Latin commus meaning 'bunch of whingeing faggots'. Usually, these "community leaders" are completely unknown to their community until they turn up on the telly. To put this definition into perspective - imagine claiming to represent Glasgow's community of football fans

Interestingly - and prior to the widespread use of the word - the UK was full of thriving communities. Unfortunately, the social engineers ripped the hearts out of these oases of institutionally racist, white middle-class normality and remodelled them (and the word itself) in their own image.

In fairness, many communities suffered due to changes in society that were unplanned, e.g. the decimation of local shops (for local people) by the growth of supermarkets - Tescos in particular. The deliberate closure of Post Offices, however, has played a major part. Former communities are now wastelands, whereas the much vaunted modern 'community' is usually little more than a multi-racial shit tip.