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A stim individual who (sadly) manages to take the shine off the most cracking thread by being unable to resist the temptation to add their tuppence worth. Their 'contribution' is usually to quote (in its entirety) the source of their mirth (implying that we other users are as thick as they are and therefore unable to establish the cause of their amusement) adding comments such as ‘u r so funny u r u crack me up i think i luv u’ plus multiple smilies or; forsaking even commenting, they will merely post one or more smilies. Pant-wettingly-funny posts are to be lauded, but this can be (and is) done (by some) in a witty way.

Prime examples of Dullards are:-

IRONMAN from WW2incolor
Erwin Schätzer (Argentina) from WW2incolor and now ARRSE