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Elephant Polo

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  • Not so much the Sport of Kings, more the Sport of Rajas. Well, actually, it's the Sport of Jock warrior savages on elephant back - thankfully wearing jodphurs and not kilts so at least the poor Elephants don't need to come into contact with Sweatysock sweaties! Culloden would have been a VERY different affair if we'd deployed some of these beasts as cavalry back in 1745!
  • Never mind the Porridge Wog triumphalism at their magnificent 18-12 victory over the Auld Enemy at Murrayfield during the 2006 6 Nations, incredibly the Nation more famous for Deep Fried Mars Bars is now becoming rather well known as serial winners of this wonderful sport. Note: The elephants get fed mars bars as well.
 The Chivas Regal Scotland Team: 
 Winners of the 2004 and 2005 World Elephant Polo Championships