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East of England county roughly the size of Essex. Famed the World over for its colourful natives and their bizarre ritual rites of passage which include:

  • Tearing through Chelmsford on Saturday nights in 'Bazzed Up' Vauxhall Novas (or should tha be Novæ?)
  • Tearing through Colchester on Friday nights in 'Bazzed Up' Seat Ibizas
  • Tearing through Barking on Thursday nights in 'Bazzed Up' Ford Fiestas
  • Tearing through Romford on Wednesday nights in 'Bazzed Up' Ford Mondeos
  • Tearing through Walthamstow on Tuesday nights in 'Bazzed Up' Subaru Imprezzas (or should that be Imprezzi?)

Essex is Sussex without the first S & U to locals, stupid to us but not to them.

Beware, Fat Jade Goodi is a VIP at 'Face' night club, as I found to my cost... Essex