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Falklands War

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Down south in '82 the Falkland Islands and South Georgia were invaded and occupied by the Argentinians. Now this did not go down well with HM Government who decided that a damn good shoeing was required, requisitioned a load of boats, got the Navy going and sent a load of handy blokes to sort it out.

The war for the Falklands or Operation Corporate was fought by a small professional force a long way from home and is a testament to the courage and professionalism of the Brtish Armed Forces. It was either that or the Argentiniansdidn't really want the islands in the first place. They defended the Falklands with conscripts but were in range of ground based air cover, and still couldn't stop a small amphibious task force that had to sail 3000 miles. For more details see here.

Also source of many good warry books. Especially "CQB: Close Quarter Battle" by Mike Curtis, if your that way inclined....

See also Goose Green