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Unimportant note: The following entry was written by a very angry person who apparently had nothing better to do - therefore there is a small chance that it may not be entirely unbiased.

At a comparatively early stage in his ARRSE career, FiveAlpha realised that the average intellectual level of other posters on the website was, while low, still orders of magnitude higher than the bullshitting Marxist and all-round professional victim, Kalle_M (which is merely the latest guise of Bugsy,) the strange poster responsible for the first very strange version of this page.

As at 09 Feb 12, some of FiveAlpha's latest posts include:

Posted on the “Cancel the boiled eggs ..." thread (NAAFI BAR), 01-02-2012, 20:53

“I bet wonk mog's giggling like a right cunt right now. I am. I revel in other people's misfortune and the media's ability to spread it far and wide.”

Posted on the same thread, 01-02-2012, 21:22 “I abuse no-marks, Shergar look-a-likes and cunts on the internet. You cunt.”

And also on the same one was this wee beaut.

Regardless of our fluffy little left-wing friend's own personal view, FiveAlpha is still regarded on ARRSE as a funny and cutting poster even though many civvies, hobbyists™ and other no-marks get bitter and malignant, calling him a vindictive, psychotic cyber-bully. But then that's par for the course for most of them.