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Free Online Porn

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The Eldorado of being online: Pornography that you don't have to pay for or suffer unfeasbly huge amounts of naff advertising to access.

In the spirit of altruism we will work together to compile a list of all the best websites for a free wank.

If I may be so bold as to lay down some ground rules, to be included in the list sites should be:

1. Free to access.

2. Free from annoying pop-up etc.

3. Contain sufficient free material for more than a couple of splaffs.

The Magic List

N.B. If you have a particular fetish, typing in 'free "your fetish" porn galleries' on Google will usually comes up with some good stuff.

Connoisseur's Corner

It has been a while since we had a bit of altruism, so your humble correspondent would like to offer the following:

Pron yer dad splaffed over

These chaps, one assumes, have created the ARRSE of pornography. For those of the Puttee Generation, it's as nostalgic as the aroma of Currywurst mit Pommes - and not an ounce of silicone in sight.

Reference point 2. above, Firefox blocks the pop-ups just fine.