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Losers, eh? Live in France

AKA "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys"

Invented the beret as we know it (See Royal Tank Regiment) but wear it pulled down on the wrong side.

General Patton was quoted as saying... "I'd rather have a German Panzer Division in front of me than a French Division behind me", which just about says what he thought of the French military capability and their trustworthiness.

General Schwarzkopf said "Going to war without the French is like going deer hunting without an accordian. All you leave behind is a load of noisy baggage"

Don't seem to have won a war ever. The Foreign Legion is mainly made up of Frenchmen claiming to be either natives of Switzerland or Belgium (See French Foreign Legion)so they are not exactly a fearsome foe. They also use the FA MAS (FAMAS) rifle which is built for retreating only, the rate of fire is so fast because they cannot aim with their backs turned.

The typical attitude Froggie twiddlers have towards the world is that of superiors, they see themselves as the key to the world's problems -- trying to tell the Septics how to do things in the Middle East, yet they have less experience, and would just scarper anyway. The demeanour of a Frog is a smoking whilst sitting on white metal chairs outside a cafe, sipping from a cup the size of a snail. And don't expect any gratitude after defending frogland, the Tom's returning across the Channel were spat at by Frog onlookers.

Frog millitary doctrine is played out as follows: Enemy Spotted-Retreat-Shift the blame. And since this doctrine was practiced in WW2, they have done little else.

Recently standardised on one pattern of camouflage uniform, called CCE (Camouflage Centre Europe). Looks vaguely US probably so any French in the area can claim the spam victories as their own.

Statistics show that in 25 years the majority of people living in France will be Arab.

See also Frog, TLC, Yet another occasion when the slovenly Frogs were given a richly deserved slapping and French Phase of War

Defence policy consists of outsourcing any war fighting to more capable (less cowardly) organisations (ie. us) and concentrating on core competency (banning British beef to prop up own farmers and inventing strippers).

Despite all the above, good country to be in if you like cheese and wine.

"A great country spoilt only by it's inhabitants"