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French Foreign Legion

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The best regiment of the French Army, made up of foreigners.

Created by King Louis Philippe on 10 March 1831, to support his war in Algeria. Successive Legions were raised for the Crimean War as well for as wars in Italy and in Mexico.

Famous for the trademark last stands that strangely keep happening to this formation (Hacienda Camarón, Mexico 1863; Verdun, WW1 1916; Dien Bien Phu, Indochina 1954). It's funny how few other French units have a similar pedigree!

Considered expendable by French politicos.

Generally considered nails but none too bright and a bit keen on "marche ou creve" (march or die). Second Parachute Regiment (2 REP) considered especially nails, but don't ask what happened to the 1 REP (disbanded in disgrace after mutiny/attempted coup in Algeria).

Lots of French serving, pretending to be Belgians, many Russians and Eastern Europeans beginning to appear, small but vocal Brit contingent.

Dream of leaving it all behind and running away to join the French Foreign Legion? -

Dream of leaving it all behind and running away to join the circus? -

Also see Spanish Legion.