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Fundie Jundies

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A miserable bunch of cnuts with no sense of humour. This absolute shower want to kill everyone and catapult the civilised world back to the Dark Ages. Funded by American trade of armed goodies and nuclear stock piles, America hands is toward to worlds of F***ing it over by militerizing an insane next-hiler-regime that cocks rifles at their own innocent Muslim brothers if they aren't considerd the new face of the religion of Islam. The black sheep of their time, already calling for the remodelling of Islam from its previouse none terrorist-peaceful(and non al-quida-crap) beliefs, thinking that the new trend should be to bomb whoever doesn't listen, as a way to get peoples' attension. Easily identifiable by shooting their own non-violent, passifitic brothers, they carry rifles like jackasses and waving them about wildly in people's faces.