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Ginger Hair

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Ginger hair is considered by many to be the curse of modern society. To be born with ginger hair is punishment from God for many sins in a former life. Persons suffering from ginger-itis can often be smelt from afar, especially if it's raining (rumoured to smell like fox piss but this has not been confirmed).

Gingers often suffer from pasty skin, and at the first sign of sunshine, can be seen running for the nearest piece of shade, or furiously rummaging in their day sack for the factor 50 sunblock.

Ginger babes can be very hot otherwise the gene wouldn't keep popping up everywhere!

Scientific studies have shown that gingers are more susceptible to pain (especially thermal), have higher levels of anger, cannot swim and mostly originate from Scotland (as many as 13% of Scots are thought to be ginger), Wales, Ireland or Cornwall.

See also Gwa, Gwar, Guar and Duracell.

Famous gingers include: