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Inscrutable little sods...

Opinions vary, but any opinion about Johnny Gurkha that says they are anything but great goes counter to my experience of them. Smiling (usually), misleadingly diminutive hillmen for the Kingdom of Nepal, the Gurkha's history is legendary - as is their prowess at whoring and drinking.

Unlike the British squaddie after nine pints of Stella, Johnny Gurkha remains approachable and likeable and shows no sign of the usual wear & tear associated with going on the lash - a skill no doubt learnt from wizened old monks high above the snowline of the Himalayas. Do not engage in the following:

  • A fight - you will lose. You may possibly end up in the cooked meat section in Sainsbury's at 45p/lb.
  • A drinking competition - see above without the Sainsbury's

Do make sure you're on their side and take every opportunity to sample their cuisine, and if your feeling like a brave little Jamie Oliver try your hand at some of the following Recipes from the Brigade of Gurkhas:

For a history of their service for the Crown in the British Army, visit this link: Gurkhas History at army.mod