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Head Torch

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Silva have just brought a range of headtorches in slightly walty cammo finish, but very good. They have things like 25-50-100% output, red LED mode (no need for a fiddly filter), flashing distress mode.

Cadet Direct have the full range. I went and had a look at all of them and settled on the L3, which is the best interms of value and features.

Bloody useful bit of kit. Don't know how I managed for so long without one.

Cadet Direct

Petzl E-Lite. Very small and light, has white and red lighted and strobes, has a headband or clips to helmet elastic, is waterproof to 1m, bright too. Only downside; used coin-shaped batteries which the QM is unlikely to have. They last for ages though.

Taktikka is good. AAA batteries last well and there's a low battery warning light on the side. Red filter slides over the lamp, so no blasts of white-light fcuking up everyone's night vision when you switch it on. Off the top of my head it's got three strength settings and 'strobe'. Small and light with good reach. Only bad points are: push-button on/off switch tends to get pressed when it's in your pocket, pouch whatever. Just remember to reverse on of the batteries and you'll be ok. AAA batteries you'll struggle to get through the chain, so private purchase only.

That Silva has come down in price. AA batteries available from man at Q&M. Not seen it up close so can't really comment other than that.


I have one of these wind up ones from Mountain Warehouse,fabulous bit of kit,you can also tilt it up and down,and it's very light.