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In HM Forces, helicopters are divided between the three services, with the RAF operating support helicopters, the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm)providing rotary assets to the Navy as a whole (including ships, land stations (i.e. RNAS Yeovilton), and the Commando Brigade) and the Army operating a smaller number of attack and reconnaissance aircraft.

The Army Air Corps currently operate the Lynx, Gazelle, Apache, Agusta 109, and Bell 212.

The Crabs currently operate the Merlin, Chinook, Puma, and Sea King.

The Fleet Air Arm currently operate Lynx, Merlin, and Sea King, .

It is worth noting that due to the MOD consistently striving for Joint forces (see also JHC and JHQ), there is now a Defence Flying School in Shropshire, where pilots undergo initial Helicopter training before progressing onto the dedicated training areas for their respective services.

See also Black helicopters, Hind.