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Lagging - A Slang expression used by squaddies meaning to urinate; as in "I'm off for a lagg" normally used when said soldier is still compos mentis and has not yet surrendered his mental faculties to 15 pints of wifebeater.

After 15 pints of wifebeater or similar the act of urination would normally revert to swamping over an item/object/location to be decided in due course by the swampee.

Poor Performance

A Biff swanning along at the back of a 10 mile Tab could be said to be lagging behind in his performance. Performance enhancing measures such as the judicious use of a beasting may have to be considered or the application of a size 10 boot to the lard-arse in question.


The application by DIY types of a thermal insulator to pipework in order to prevent burst pipes in winter and to keep hot pipes hot; ergo saving money. This is a smart move by the thrifty householder as money can be rapidly converted into Beer Tokens.

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