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Late Entry Officer

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A Late Entry Officer (LE).

Essentially this life time warrior is commisioned in order for the Army to capitalise on his experience and wisdom.

In reality the Army gains an overweight, bitter and twisted individual. Often found using multi-syllabic words in the wrong context whilst trying to out smart young officers; who with their 3 years of pickled university education also have the ability to out drink the phrase-touting grumpy gits.

Beyond this, they essentially fall into two categories:

1. The angry bloke in the corner of the mess; who beleives the university of life is far greater than having 3 years of Army scholarship funded drinking. (should still be a Warrent Officer 2 or less.)

2. The more refined pleb who mistakenly maintains that he attended a fine school and could easily have made it as a DE officer but felt he had to prove himself in the ranks to fully understand his role. (should have retired post WO1 and got a middle management job with a super market chain.)