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Lebanese Civil War

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Ok, so its listed as wanted and here is your occasional expert on Near Eastern shitheap rows to explain off the top of her pointed head:

1972-4. Incursion of the PLO and also the Marxist PFLP (latterly PFLP-GC under the command of George Habash - see Syria, Bekaa Valley drug trade and Lockerbie) after the Black September of 1972 had them chucked out of Jordan. Add the 'refugees' which the Arab nations sought to keep in hell on their borders to make the pointy-nose boys look like United Nations baddies. Versus aforesaid angry Israelis and the Beirut Christian Maronites under the command of the amiable butcher Gemayel Bros who object to squalor and also seize the chance for a bit of Judeo-Christian self-actualization.

Fat cnut Ariel Sharon directed the worst of what you remember. The camel-fuckers rounded it off by blowing up the USMC barracks in October 1983. Vaguely the end as far as the rest of the world was concerned. Yasser legged it to Tunisia.

If the Falklands War was two bald men fighting over a comb then this was two colostomites fighting over the enema bag.

Facepalm City.