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Leeds UOTC

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Based at Carlton Barracks in Leeds. LUOTC consists of:

A bunch of BA Underwater Basketweaving (Hons) students trying to prove they're hard . Members of Hirsch coy tend to be the more macho sort of Walt or pale faced, quiet and slightly unsettling young women with a distinctly unladylike interst in violence, and spend their entire student loan in one phone call to the Arctis catalogue. You can tell them around the uni campus because they think it's cool to wear a softee jacket to lectures.

  • Stones Troop (RA wing)

Imagine for a moment taking a bunch of total biffs, giving those few with a driving licence (ink still wet of course), an HGV license; throwing a load of complicated and dangerous kit at them and trying to make it work. This is the onerous responsibility of the poor benighted WOII, fresh from SMIG course who has to make an artillery battery out of 40 part-timers who stay 3 years at the longest. Consists of:

....Guns: Big shooters, Officer Cadets tring to work out by commitee which wheel to turn to make it point in the right direction.

....CP: Officer Cadets trying to work out how a radio works.

....OP: like being a real FOO but without the hard work.

....Recce: have a habit of crashing landrovers.

The first wing of Leeds UOTC to adopt a title, this entry makes it clear that the other wings decided it was a jolly wheeze and if there was a bandwagon going they'd jump on.

  • Chard Troop (RE wing)

The hapless regular WO given the PSI job here usually turns up ready to teach combat engineering to the eager young minds of the OTC's finest. The reality is that this is where all the biffs of the OTC go and the training regime consists of constructing one bridge a year and spending the rest of the time in the nearest bar. Your taxes at work ladies and gentlemen.

Traditionally the RE wing would see an intake of reasonably attractive females each year who by the following year would have developed arrses as wide as the cabs of the 4-Tonners that had become their domain.

  • Romeo Troop (Sigs wing)

Have no proper signals kit so they operate the 349's for the Infantry. Tend to have the fittest girls. It was always thus, but strangely these girls don't seem to suffer the same arrse expanding fate of their sisters in arms over in Chad Troop. . This is because they are being shagged by the O/CDTs from Stones Tp.