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Lemon Screech

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Lemon Screech, an interesting part of any compo, looks deceptively like sherbert, almost lulling an unsuspecting squaddie into a false sense of security, that is until you try and drink the shite, whilst hoping for something refreshing to wash down that Lamb Curry, the stuff in fact strips away a few layers of the oblivious victim's throat lining, resulting, more often than not, in gagging and an extreme burning sensation. Best used as chemical warfare.

I saw somebody snort an entire packet of this s**t, lets just say the crap that fell out of his nose was possibly his brains.

Hard won experience has taught me that lemon screech does not taste good when accidentally poured into one's thermos of hot coffee during a goddamn freezing overnight OP in South Armagh, when mistaken for sugar.

For an extreme sport involving Lemon Screech play Battery Acid Challenge.