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British Commemorative Medals (BCM)

A BCM is generally a medal the recipient or their family has paid for themselves. However, there are a number of examples of 'issued' medals, are not recognised by the British government. In the BCM order of wear they are placed in the appropriate position as though they had being privately purchased.

The list below gives the locations of the sources of the Walter Mitty Order of Wear.

Validation of Application

Some of the BCM, will require an application process to ensure the recipient is eligible for the award.

Costs of BCM

There are numerous medallists who are able to provide BCM. The costs of each medal is approximate as the price fluctuates slightly depending on where it is purchased. Often, but not always a miniature of the medal is available. The total costs is difficult to determine as sometimes the the BCM may be engraved with service details etc. and again this price varies, as does postage and packaging.

As in life “buyer beware”; enquiries should be made to get the best deals. Most medallists are only too happy to formally mount BCM, wherever they were purchased from. However, they will not mount BCM with nationally recognised medals.

The suppliers

Award Productions Ltd

Bigbury Mint

CJ & AJ Dixon Ltd


Fisher Patton and the Red Baron

Medal Search

Merchant Navy Association

My Collectables

Service Commemoratives

Worcestershire Medal Service