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Memorial Wall

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A place to record those who have left the loving bosom of the ARRSE Community, inspired by HappyNomad following the tortuous demise of Lumpy2

Be they Flouncers, Pleeease-delete-me-let-me-go-er's, those who have dropped off the radar (via a shady dive in Thailand) or those who have, indeed, popped their clogs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, chisels at the ready, carve their names so that they may live for evermore. If appropriate, feel free to add a link to the thread that describes or identifies their sad demise

Key: D = Deceased, F = Flounced, M = Missing in Action, S = Shit Canned & T = Thank Fuck.

Tropper66 / Jim24 (M) (T)

Lumpy2 (F)

RGJBloke (F... Well he's going to leave as soon as the COs delete his account, apparently)

Which wank stain wrote this cunting shit.