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Stumpy Corsican artillery officer, the author of many gnomic axioms on the arts of war.

His less well known sayings include:

  • "Jeez, quit whynging! Its not that cold. Just throw another cossack on the fire!"
  • "Take charge Marshal, my Farmer's are really gripping my sh*t today, and leave that f*cking farmhouse alone.."
  • "Stay bent over mon cherie, I'm just looking for something to stand on."
  • "Wassa the fucking big-a deal widda dis Eeenglish guy wid de rubber boots?'

Napo draws parallels to Hitler:

  • He had a different view on Jew's than anyone in his time, like Hitler.
  • He beat everyone except the British, like Hitler
  • As a Corsican - was in control of another country, like Hitler.
  • Was stopped by cold wet white stuff on his way to defeat Russia, like Hitler.
  • Ended up underground, like Hitler.
  • Had affiliation with paintings, like Hitler.
  • Never meat Boris Johnson, like Hitler.
  • Had one testicle, see Hitler.