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Neville Heath

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Neville George Clevely Heath (June 6, 1917 – October 16, 1946) was an exceptional Walt. Unlike our common-or-garden LumpenNordWalten - about whom my BF attempts to curb my more splenetic expressions of irritation with the comforting assurance that "No-one died" - Heath's pathological fantasies of military rank and recognition was fatally intertwined with sadistic fantasies of sexual domination. Responsible for the murders of at least two young women, he finally Met With Albert at HMP Pentonville in 1946.

Born to a lower middle class family in Essex, his barber father wasted considerable cash to educate the mediocre lad privately. Heath joined the Royal Air Force in 1937, but was soon dismissed for going AWOL. Caught obtaining credit by fraud, he was later sent down for Borstal training for housebreaking and forgery. On his release he started using a number of pathetically Wodehousian aliases including "Lord Dudley" and "Lieutenant-Colonel Armstrong".

At the outbreak of WW2, Heath joined the Royal Army Service Corps, and was posted to the Middle East. He lasted less than a year. Whilst being shipped home he escaped the guard and headed for the fledgling Jo'burg Careers Centre For Self-Regarding Military Fuck-ups. Joining the South African Air Force, he rose to the rank of Captain (no doubt due to a neatly clipped tache, a nice stick and no competition). He was court martialed for wearing medals to which he was not entitled. He returned to England in 1946.


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