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Nuclear Interest

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Because we all miss the good old times when the enemy was Red and had more nuclear warheads than the rest of the world, here's a list of some relevant nuclear watching:

If The Bomb Drops A young Jeremy Paxman on Panorama with a look at Britain's response to a nuclear war.

The War Game A 1965 docudrama about Britain and how it copes with a nuclear attack

Threads Classic film with Sean Bean as once again, Britain gets nuked by the Russians and everyone tries to survive.

Defence of the Realm An episode aboard HMS Victorious, a Trident Class submarine

The Day After 1983 American drama about the US getting spanked by the Ruskies

Damnation Alley 1977 American drama, once again the US get slapped about by the Russians and it follows a band of survivors

The Missiles of October Follows the Cuban Missile crisis, drama movie

Sound An Alarm Looks at the United Kingdom Warning & Monitoring Organisation, drama movie