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1923_tantrum.gif That impotent sense of frustration felt increasingly by ARRSE-ers at real, or perceived, injustice in these Sceptred Isles.

Keyboards run the very real risk of meltdown since - short of outright revolution - there is very little else the poor ARRSE-er can actually do about it, although snuffleposting may alleviate some of their pain in the short term.

However, a stiff paragraph, or two, and a call for a figurative tumbrel 728_guillotine.gif punctuated by an appropriate emoticon may, at least, serve to lower the blood-pressure.

For traditionalists, there's always: 724_noose_hanging.gif

Frankly, Outrage can go WAY past 11 ...


Linked Words

Outrage can be deduced from a post even when the handbag wielding poster doesn't use the word. Example include:

  • Sickened
  • Appalled - this can be improved further by adding 'Frankly' in front...
  • Furious
  • Deeply resentful

Examples of 'Outrage'

'Outrage' as normal people experience it has no relationship with that frequently witnessed on ARRSE. By way of example, cast your eyes across this typical offering:


Let's examine the 'outrage' and in so doing, form a view of the poster.

1. The Rausing family are Swedish, not British.
2. Crack is a derivative of cocaine manufacture, not heroin I suggest that they could have been caught with £300,000,000 worth of the stuff and not enrichened AQ by one jot.
3. A former Bootneck appears to habe received jail time for a similar offence: is this causing the outrage?
4. We should apparently forgo any 'Tetrapak' product and we are enjoined to 'shoot British soldiers' to show solidarity.

All very odd.

For methods of Outrage Transport: