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A planning exercise (PLANEX) is a test of logical reasoning most often encountered at the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB). You will be given a narrative text from which you must extract relevant information and produce a plan to solve the problem. You will be given a time limit to read the narrative, extract the pertinent information and form a solution.

Your answer to the PLANEX will consist of several elements as follows:

Aims - The goals you need to accomplish; you should work out the priority of the aims identified. There will usually be a couple of essential aims e.g. get casualty to hospital, and numerous desirable aims e.g. deliver paperwork.

Factors - These are the variable which may affect your course of action e.g. personnel, equipment, fuel, weather, daylight, etc.

Deductions - These are the conclusions drawn from information you have relating to the factors, once you have worked out a factor ask yourself ‘so what?’. E.g. If fuel is a factor and you have enough fuel for 200 miles you may deduce that a route that is 300 miles long cannot be achieved.

Courses of Action - These are the possible solutions to the PLANEX. You should work out as many as possible within the time limit. Some will be more dangerous, more time-consuming, etc, by listing them you prove you have considered them. You should also include your reasons for rejecting or accepting (you must accept one course as your plan) each course of action.

Plan - Your solution to the problem selected from the courses of action you have identified. You should expand on the details identified in your courses of action and include detailed timings.

Practice PLANEX narratives

Below are several example PLANEXs which are useful for practice purposes.


Winter Aid

The official AOSB practice can be found here