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Panzer (German) n. Trans Tank.

Panzer is the German word for Tank but sounds miles more war-ry don't you think.

See Achtung Panzer, Guderian, Tank and Mechanisation

Armoured types like to call their Wagons "Panzers" as it really does sound cool and Ze Germans were very good with their tanks in WWII. :

Early (smaller) panzers were identified only by a roman numeral ie Panzer I, II, III and IV. However the bigger, scarier ones got descriptive names to go with their number: Panzer V Panther, Panzer VI Tiger I and the Tiger II. Disturbingly the biggest one (Pz VIII) was originally going to be called Mammoth (Mammut) but ended up called Mouse (Maus) and weighed in at 188 tonnes.

It was obvious that whilst Ze Germans were fielding things called "JagdTiger", "Panzerkampwagen", "Sturmgeschutz" and "SturmTiger", the best the Le French could manage was the Somua S-35 - they were going to get a kicking. Ze German kit just sounds dangerous, the Frog tank sounds like a light cream based dessert.

Panzer is also nickname for 432 & Sultan Command Posts in God's Corps