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Celestial body of which I often wonder just which one I'm living on.

Planet (noun): you'd think a planet was an easy thing to define wouldn't you? Well the feckers have made this a cunt of a complicated thing. Do not read this if operating heavy machinery.

Other Planets:

  • Daily Planet: Newspaper that Superman/Clark Kent works for.
  • Forbidden Planet: Great SF movie based on The Tempest.
  • Forbidden Planet: SF bookshop chain more likely to stock crappy plastic figures and cuddly Cthulhus [a what?] [insanity causing monster/god from HP Lovecraft short stories turned into a plush toy] than books.
  • Lonely Planet: Guide books for naive gap year students who want to go off in to the wilderness and be killed by wild animals, psychos and Islamic nutters or be raped by wild animals, psychos or Islamic nutters or be raped then killed by wild animals, psychos or Islamic nutters.
  • Planet Hollywood: Overpriced rip off of the Hard Rock Cafe franchise.
  • Captain Planet: 'Nuff said.