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Porton Down

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Many is the carefree squaddie who has happily volunteered for five days ED pay at Porton Down, only to find himself infected with a cocktail of Ebola, Bubonic Plague, Mumps and the Common Cold - and that's just from talking to the MPGS bloke at the front gate. Still, cash is cash, and there's no better way of earning a few extra beer tokens than having some twitching civvy biochemist dressed in something resembling a space suit squirt you with a Sarin and Anthrax mixture, whilst reassuring you that it's all perfectly safe. Of course, it will be two years before you're allowed to drink beer again but that will give you something to look forward to; and the second head which grows out of your stomach is bound to come in useful.

In the Salisbury area the MOD is a relatively major civilian employer, and Porton Down regularly advertises for staff in the local press. Nonetheless it is a guaranteed and awkward conversation-stopper to admit to working there (in any capacity). It is a bit like Huntingdon Life Sciences, except that it also uses human beings as test subjects; as a consequence it is, paradoxically, less devilish in the eyes of animal rights protesters.