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The epitome of 1950s efficiency

A government employee who delivers letters and parcels, the postman used to be courteous and polite - attired in smart grey uniform and cap, with its brass bugles badge.

The postie is now usually scruffy, occasionally polite (if at all intelligible), Nigerian and has a tendency to keep most of the mail he's supposed to be delivering. He sometimes gets to shag the lady of the house when delivering recorded delivery letters. [At least he does in the some of the movies in my collection!]

Often seen on bikes and in red vans with Royal Mail written on the side. Most work for Royal Mail although a large number will be part-time students earning beer money by losing Recorded Delivery letters.

Still holding on to some respectability (just), the trade of postie offers those with little academic qualification the chance to earn a honest living, mainly due to the high drop out rate when the lazy fuckers who think they're on to something good get sick of getting up at 3am - though such early starts are on the wane due to relaxed delivery times.