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Pray and Spray

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More commonly known as Spray & Pray, the act of loosing as much ammunition at a target wile praying something will be hit. Spray & Pray is associated with spam soldiers in Vietnam, the DOD then changed the M16's full-auto with a three round burst fire that is now used by the USMC with their M16A2 and M16A4 rifles. The trend then turned to 'just keep pressing the trigger' and so the DOD have given spam Army soldiers a single-shot M4A1 while the USMC keep their M16. Method of aiming a fully automatic weapon such as the AK-47 much beloved by followers of Islam (and disturbingly some Spam army/marine units as well).

Technique is as follows:

1) Identify vague area where unbeliever/heretic/raghead is likely to be.
2) Point fully automatic weapon in general direction of identified area.
3) Beseech Allah/God to guide your holy rounds of unbeliever/heretic/splitter slaying.
4) Pull trigger back until gun no longer fires.
5) Rejoice that anyone hit by your fire will be evil in the sight of Allah/God and deserving of being perforated no matter if they are man/woman/child/pet.
6) Replace empty magazine with a full one.
7) Return to 1

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