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Very scary man, slightly less scary than the Badge but still very scary!

Holds the power of life and death over lesser mortals (well, a damned good beasting anyway...)

Normally attired in "ye olde barracke dresse" and wielding a pointy stick. His shoes or boots cannot be looked at due to the danger of blindness from the reflection of light.

It is always best to avoid him at all costs - this is difficult due to the fact that he always seems to be hiding around the corner when you make a mistake (such as not bracing up to a Rupert whilst in civvies).

Also, when not in ye olde barracke dresse, cuts about in CS95 with white belt and sash and aforementioned pointy stick, detailing random passers-by to pick up rubbish, or hiding in a bush somewhere with a speed camera ensuring the discipline and safety of the garrison is maintained with a 20mph speed limit.