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Regimental Nicknames

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Sometimes funny, normally rude - the names Regiments are normally known by.

Royal Armoured Corps


Combat Support

Combat Service Support

  • The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)
    • Royal Engineers Made Easy
    • Royal Engineers Minus Educayshun
    • Real Engineering Made Easy
    • Ruin Everything Mechanical Eventually
    • Rough Engineering Made Easy
    • Arrse bandits
    • Rear Ends Made Easy
    • Ruin Everything Mainly Engines
    • Ruin Every Maiden Eventually
  • The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC)
    • Right Lovely Crowd
    • Right Load of Cobblers
    • Rags Lorries & Curries
    • Really Large Corps
    • Paramilitary wing of Eddie Stobart ‘’(God damn it! Who let the cnut out of the bag)’’
    • REME Luggage Carriers

Army Medical Services

Adjutant General's Corps



  • The Royal Marines
    • Bootnecks
    • Lobsters
    • Cabbage Heads
    • Royal (amongst themselves)
    • The Green Death
  • RAF Regiment
    • Rockapes
    • The Short Range Desert Group
    • Bunch of Walty Cunts