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Royal Marines

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The Royal Navy's little military train set.

The 3 Commandos are;

AKA "The Green Death": Amphibious Infantry under the tenuous command of the Royal Navy, their ferocity in battle is only matched by their profound sexual deviancy on the piss.

If they lag down your leg, it usually means they like you, and may even be a mating signal.

They are renowned for frock-wearing parties, and getting bollocky buff after the equivalent of two sherries, as their general nails-ness doesn't seem to extend to the ability to drink.

Allegedly can sometimes be found daisy-chaining.

However, even in a frock, high heels and sussies a Royal Marine is butcher than a Septic marine in full combat harness driving a M1 tank.

Described as the Royal Navy's amphibious infantry and the United Kingdom's Commandos. They are a small but powerful Corps, operating in the air, on land and at sea. Just don't be repeating that, their heads are big enough as it is!

You can find them lurking around RM Bickleigh, Stone House, Tauton, Poole, Arbroath and any of the affiliated Naval ships.

3 Commando Brigade also consists of Army(need to give them a mention before they kick off who was first!).

Never mention the anagram, unless you really want to wind them up;

M uscles

A re

R equired

I ntelligence

N ot

E ssential

This is in fact an 'acronym' you thick pongo bastard. An anagram is where the letters of a word or phrase can make up a different word. Carry on re-arranging rubble and winning 'hearts and minds'. you soft cocks.