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  • Calibre 5.56 mm
  • Weight 4.98 kg (with loaded magazine and optical sight)
  • Length 785 mm
  • Barrel Length 518 mm
  • Muzzle Velocity 940 m/s
  • Feed 30 round magazine
  • Effective Range: No record.
  • Cyclic Rate of Fire 610-775 rounds per minute

An underestimated piece of equipment, the L85A2 IW is the most accurate rifle in service with any armed force today, with the possible exception of the SIG 550/Stgw 90 of the Swiss. Its size, ability to fit a bayonet and the fact it is a bullpup makes it in the eyes of many to be uncontested in urban and close quarters fighting.

The L86A2 was at first a light support weapon but now it will seek to attain designated marksman rifle status, a role that is used in the US armed forces. The L86A2 is even more accurate than the L85A2 but is not classed as a rifle.

The L22A1 is not used in the British armed forces.

The SA80KA2 or the 'L85 AFV' as it is know to some is a smaller version of the IW and is issued to the Royal Armoured Corps.

The History of the SA80 family is flawed despite its status today. At first the SA80 family was known for its reliability, but not in the sense that it would work as well as the SLRs that it had replaced, infact they where known to not fire, break, shed parts and even to fall apart, despite this, the L85A1's that were used in the Persian Gulf war had no reported failures.

When the A2 was introduced, the SA80 family was finally fixed with less problems than an M16A4 that the worlds dominant superpower uses.

The UKSF do not use the L85A2 because it is an un-ambidextrous rifle, they also required a flat top rifle that could quickly be fitted with mounted equipment, the various other reasons can be debated, such as the fact that it is really heavy for such a small thing.

The SA80 family of rifles are expected to be replaced by 2015 yet the family far outclasses any other of the kind even the G36 that is said to be replacing it.