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Short for Site Penis Of The Year

A FUBAR annual election process currently overseen by joker62. Each year, ARRSE members nominate ten stupid cunt users including underpants and sockpuppets, for a poll, and vote for one winner from ARRSE's pool of broken-brain mongs (ARRSE SPOTY). Bellendery aside, the democratic process appears to be fair and just.


Incessant, rank stupidity over the previous twelve months is the main qualification for Site Penis of the Year. Specifically, SPOTY nominees must be retarded and must have displayed - and be known for - three or more of the under-mentioned mong behaviours during the greater part of the year:

  • Quaffing copious amounts of COSHH cocktails before starting shit threads
  • Sniffing industrial amounts of glue before posting dribble
  • Antisocial and friendless narcissistic wanker for most of the time
  • Walts, gobby civilian, or unremarkable pretentious prick
  • Dullard politicised extremist or obsessive butthurt vigilante
  • Patently and consistently a tedious fucking bore of the first order
  • Gratuitous bellendery and frequent crayoning via Sock Puppet(s)


Traditionally - but not confined to - mouthy never-served civvies, Brexit-obsessed cunts, and sociopathic trolls. There is currently no annual competition to elect ARRSE's Brexit Obsessed Bellend of the Year (BOB), from the other species of mong.


The dubious honour is reserved for ARRSE's most consistent and irritating stupid cunt over the previous year. Therefore, according to the rules and stats, nominees for Site Penis of the Year 2019 would most obviously include the under-mentioned bellends:

Roll of Dishonour

Upholding the finest traditions of fuckwittery are:

  • Spider with a lifetime SPOTY achievement award; the infamous "dribbling fantasist" posting "poorly spelt drivel".
  • PhotEX AKA Meerkatz the bullshitter, has earned a worthy runner-up place in the current standings.

See Site Penis of the Year.