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The three letter abbreviation TLA for a Soldier Under Sentence, a man whose crime was so heinous that ROPs or extras are not considered to be suitable punishments. A SUS will have been awarded a term of detention by his CO to be served in either the camp or garrison guardroom, or at the MCTC.

A SUS will be found in possession of the following items:

  1. Hand bumper
  2. Wire wool
  3. Mop
  4. Starch
  5. Paint brush
  6. White paint
  7. Coveralls

But not in possession of the following:

  1. Wages
  2. Beret
  3. Belt
  4. Puttees or Twist-Its
  5. Laces

So despite having the most immaculate kit in the camp, he will still look like a bag of shite (but not tied in the middle). He will always be escorted by the Provo Sgt and/or a member of the RP, usually at a pace of at least 130 steps to the minute, when not marking time.

On inspections or on any other occasion when he is addressed by a senior rank, a SUS will make the following report:

“SIR/STAFF, I (insert number, rank and name) AM A SOLDIER UNDER SENTENCE. I WAS CHARGED UNDER SECTION (insert number) OF THE ARMY ACT 1955. I WAS AWARDED (insert number) DAYS DETENTION BY THE COMMANDING OFFICER. I HAVE SERVED (insert number) DAYS AND HAVE (insert number) DAYS LEFT TO SERVE. I HAVE NO (or insert number of if feeling brave) REQUESTS OR COMPLAINTS SIR/STAFF”.